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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hits Hula

Hello ♥

I'm back with more flakies. I know you are all probably tired of this already, but I'm gonna keep posting until I'm done with the collection. I really like them and I never gave it the proper love or attention to it.
So please endure this with me.
I thought I would hate Hula, for real. Hula is an orange jelly. and I was sure I wouldn't be able to make it opaque, so I layered it over red, yes, RED. It might be orange, but I have no orange that would be a match to this polish. And the combo looked amazing.
It looked red, but I don't care, you'll see that it looks amazing.
I used one coat of Finger Paints Curator's Crimson, followed by two coats of Hula and one of Seche.

Close up to show this beauty ♥
Like I said, this one looks amazing over red.

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  1. That does look amazing over red. I love the macro shot the best. It looks like fire.