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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ninja Polish He Went To Jarred

Hello my loves ♥♥

It has been taking a little longer for me to post, it's carnival in here, so I've been going out and getting crazy drunk everyday, so you can imagine I haven't been up for posting so much. I decided to stay home today, post something, REST, and later go out :)
Anyway, I won a giveaway from Ninja Polish not to long ago, and for my surprise I actually won the Grand Prize. I got some AMAZING polish from Ninja, I swatched one other already, but I just put He Went To Jarred and I'm so wowed by it that I just had to post it already.
I used one coat of Chanel Blue Satin for my base coat and three coats of He Went To Jarred. I wanted a lot of it on my nails, and that's why I put that many coats, but it dried very fast and it all laid flat on the nails.

Am I the only one who thinks that He Went To Jarred is freaking amazing?! :D

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