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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jade Fascínio Violeta


Today I have this GORGEOUS holographic polish to show you. Jade is a Brazilian that has been releasing some very impressive holographic polishes. I was quite skeptic about the brand, I had never heard of it before, but the American ladies have been posting about Jade holos for a while, and I saw how well they were talking about it, so I've been having this little bug behind my ears telling me to get at least one just to try out. The other day I was buying a few polishes online, in a Brazilian website, and decided to take a look at the Jades. I saw this purple cute and decided to see if I liked it, They had two swatch pictures of it and I was already taken. I got this today and I just had to try it out!!!
The formula was amazing and flawless, only two coats were necessary. I used Seche Vite as well, and it didn't change the holographic effect of the polish.

If you want to buy Jades you can always go to Ninja Polish Store, they have a bunch of them, this one is currently out of stock though, they retail for $7, click here to go to the store.
Let me ask you guys something, I decided to post less pictures then usually, I don't know if you all like loads of pictures or not, but let me know, so I can go back to picture heavy posts :)
Hope everyone had a great day, and that you all enjoyed the post and the polish ♥

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  1. Amei
    queria uns dias de sol para estes lados para usar o que me mandast...mas a chuva é persistente
    estou in love *.*
    é tao lindo!!