Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Chanel Paradoxal vs Barry M Dusky Mauve (COMPARISON POST)


Friday, November 02, 2012

Chanel Paradoxal vs Barry M Dusky Mauve (COMPARISON POST)


This is just a little comparison post between Chanel Paradoxal and Barry M Dusky Mauve.
As far as I could tell they're dupes. Both only need 2 coats, and they both look exactly the same.
I already had Dusky Mauve when I bought Paradoxal, but the Chanel was my biggest lemming, so I bought it. They're basically the same, same formula and everything, but one is a Chanel that costs a lot and the other is a Barry M, and you can buy the Barry M in the ninja store here.
Little update, I forgot to say which ones were Barry M and which one was Chanel, so here we go:

I'm just so glad with both of this polishes!! I just love them ♥
I hope this post was helpful for everyone :)


  1. Hello, love this post!! I was curious which finger had what on them? They do all look the same, lol. But which is Chanel???

    1. oh wow i'm sorry, i didn't realize I didn't put that info, so sorry! Middle finger is Chanel, the other two are Barry M :)