Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Dior Exquis


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dior Exquis


Today's post I'll FINALLY show you the Dior I should have posted a few posts ago!!!
Today's Dior is the GORGEOUS Exquis, a brown polish, but not too dark, with golden shimmer. I'm not a fan of brown, I must say, but this one caught my eye. I saw tons of swatches, and there was not one I didn't love, so I thought I just HAD to get it!!! So I did LOL
I used 2 coats of polish, and one of seche vite. Application was perfect, as usual. I have 4 Dior's and if there's one thing that impresses me on all of them is that the formula is AMAZING!!!
To the pictures:

look how pretty this is *-*


loooooooook *FAINTS*

Hope you guys have enjoyed it :)