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Friday, June 28, 2013

NOTD: Green Owl Nail Art ♥

Hey ♥♥

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm in exam week, so I've been very busy. But today was the last day, so I had some time off, after I got back from my LONG, LONG walk with my Nahla.
And here's a quick picture of her in her walk today. I usually take her to Arpoador Beach, and today I decided to go to the rock with her, we call it Pedra Do Arpoador, and the view is great.

The picture is not very good, she can't stay still for too long! :)

Back to my NOTD. I'm gonna start saying I'm very proud of this nail art. My pictures are a bit too good for my taste on this one. When you look at it at naked eye, you can't see any bubbles, but look at my pictures and you see a billion bubbles, but that's just the top coat's fault. I used Sally Hansen InstaDry, and it doesn't work very well with me, I don't know why :(
I'm using Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment base Coat, the reason I'm telling you this is because I did my owl over two coats of it, no other polish. My other nails are painted with Andreia number 3, no name. Andreia is a Portuguese brand, and I got it from a swap.In my owl I used Revlon Posh, Andreia 3, and for the eye and it's little nose I had to mix a few polishes.
I googled "Owl NailArt" to see a few of those and find one to make it myself, an easy one. I got the idea from this post here. The blog's owner is Cristina, and the blog's name is Let Them Have Polish!, and her blog is freaking amazing, I'm completely in love with it.
Anyway, for the ails I used the Andreia, I used 2 coats, the first one was a bit tricky, but the second one made it all better.

This is an iPhone 5 picture, not very good, but it's basically how I see it.

I really am very proud of it, and because it took me over an hour to make this, which I was very careful when doing it, cause I really wanted it to look great, I plan to keep it on for a few days, but I do have a post already planned, which I did a little while ago. But because I was so busy I was always forgetting.