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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shimmer And Flakies

Hello sweeties ♥

Today I have a great combo to show you! But before I wanted to talk about the black I used for my base color.
Two days ago I asked my mom to give me money to buy a new black polish, I'm used to Revlon's Black Lingerie, but I have used Colorama and Impala's blacks as well, and also the black matte from Risquè, but what I didn't know was that Risquè also had a creamy black. I haven't seen Impala's or Colorama's black for a while, and my mom found the one from Risquè.
I happily applied it, I started with one thin coat, thinking I would need a second one, SILLY ME! That thin coat I first used was all I needed. I didn't even need a top coat, cause it shines so much on it's own!!!
Now to my combo.
I layered Pure Ice Heartbreaker, which looked incredible, and then I layered Hits Valsa over it.
I'm not using top coat, I'm almost out of Seche, and I'm not using mine until I get a new one. What you see is all polish,. no top coat to make it shinier.
BTW my index finger nail broke, hence the three fingers on the picture, not four.

Looks quite incredible, right?
Have a lovely day.

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  1. Os flocados sob a base preta são sempre algo que me tiram do sério... ficou perfeitoooooo