Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: OPI Pedal Faster Suzi


Friday, June 15, 2012

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi

Hi loves ♥

I'm doing great right?! Two posts yesterday, one today! damn I'm liking it *o*
Today's post is actually seriously old! I took the pictures in mid May, and are older than the last 4 posts. That's why my nails are much shorter than the previously posts, and the next ones.
Anyways, Pedal Faster Suzi is one of the three polishes Traci from TraceFace Philes got me for my birthday!
PFS was VERY easy to apply, and I used 3 coats, I believe two coats would have done it, but for me three coats was what I needed, and one coat of top coat.

OMG *-*

damn this is fucking gorgeous *o*

Hope you guys enjoy it ♥


  1. Adorable colour!


  2. Very nice color! I love the way it sparkles!