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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hits Hestia

Hello loves!

Let me talk a little bit about this polish... First of all, it's GORGEOUS! Hestia is this cute purplish light pink, and because of the purple in it I had a hard time taking pictures of it, cause they were looking purple and not pink like it really is! If you pay attention to the pictures you'll see that it has a LOT of bubbles in it, and let me tell you, before I used the top coat it was plain, no bubbles at all. But it's really hot in here, not using a fan is not a choice, and after the top coat this little bubbles popped up... the good thing about those bubbles is that you really have to pay attention, cause they're actually plain and smooth, but do show up!!!
Anyways, dried REALLY fast, but I guess that's just cause it's a holographic polish. Applying this polish was very smooth and went perfectly well. The clean up was very nice as well, no problems!
I stared at my nails for a long time after I painted.
But let's just stop talking about it and just show the pictures.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the pictures and the polish :)

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